Cigna Health Insurance in China

Cigna Health Insurance in China

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Cigna Health Insurance in China

In China Cigna promotes health insurance plans under 2 different entities: Cigna Global whose plans are out of Europe with servicing from UAE and Cigna CMB. Last one is being a local entity that is in joint venture with China Merchants Bank and that was designed explicitly to service China residents. Expats and foreigners in China can purchase either of those Cigna Insurance plans.

Cigna CMB Health Insurance for Foreigners and Expatriates

Cigna CMB is one of the largest players on health insurance market in China when it comes to large corporate accounts such as international schools and MNCs. Which is why a lot of expats in China still prefer to buy Cigna insurance plan once they leave their employers and need to get insurance for China on their own. Particularly because of years of outstanding services both within and outside of China. Some of the most noticeable remarks of Cigna are:

  • outstanding direct billing both in and outside of the country
  • one of the highest dental limits of the market, there is an add-on that has RMB 30k limit for your dental visits
  • relatively good price increase each year of around 5% during the past 8 years (excluding age band increases)


  • individual plans are by far less attractive compared to another regular International insurance provider in China
  • price could be more competitive for the benefits they offer in comparison to other major players like Allianz or Aetna

Below is executive summary of what 3 insurance plans from Cigna looks like. If you are looking to get Cigna insurance plan for you and your family please get in touch.

Cigna Health Insurance China

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