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Quick and easy, find the best health insurance in China for expats for you and your family today. We are in China to help you. We have access to an expansive network of foreign and English speaking doctors and specialists across the country. Through our clients and partners, you will get some of the best health insurance for China with access to foreign doctors and highly trained medical specialists both in the country and abroad.

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Health insurance for expats in China

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Health insurance in China for foreigners and expats

Health Insurance for Expats in China – One touch Approach

China Access Health and our partners have a dedicated administration team working behind the scenes. We will provide you with the WeChat, email and phone contact of your account manager who can help with any access issues at clinics or hospitals regarding direct billing, submission of claims and tracking status of reimbursement, and work together with your insurance provider for a better service of your health insurance plan in China.

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Licensed Insurance Brokers in China

We help our clients to source the best level of protection in line with their needs. This comes from both international and China-based insurance companies. We constantly help large media platforms and their readers on healthcare tips, some of which are SmartShanghai, The Beijinger, Chengdu Expats and many more.


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We work on your behalf, we do not work for the insurance company. While aiming to help expats to get the right health insurance in China, all of the information we collect and our correspondence is confidential. We will never release any of your information to an insurance company or other party without your permission. 


Our Services Are Free of Charge

Our services are free of charge and we are reimbursed directly by the insurance company. The direct price for medical insurance will be the same no matter if you use a broker, financial agent or purchase it from an insurance company directly.


  • We work with top tier insurance companies to tailor a package for you. From the cheapest emergency cover to luxury packages including Traditional Chinese medicine, massage therapy, dental and orthodontic treatment, Optical and glasses cover. Unsure what level of cover you need? Refer to our ultimate guide on buying china expat health insurance

  • YES, you will have access to cashless payment within your network for most outpatient care. Most insurance companies offer such function by default at no extra costs. For treatments that are covered under your policy, you’ll just need to show your insurance card, payment will be taken care of directly.

  • Many of our insurance partners can offer cover for chronic conditions including; hypertension, diabetes, spine and neck issues, IBS and Crohns disease, depression and anxiety. Looking for best healthcare for expats in China can be tricky so for full details see our guide on pre existing medical conditions and how to cover them

  • We know when you are facing a health problem it can be frightening and you will need to discuss the issue with a doctor who can communicate with you comfortably. All insurance packages will provide access to English speaking doctors in China. Most companies will give you access to doctors and specialists who can speak English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish.

    Where possible we will introduce you to a doctor who can speak your language and is covered in your network under direct billing. For more information please refer to to our guide on most popular medical facilities that have English speaking doctors and specialists in China. Most health insurance for expats in China provide cover in almost all international type facilities across the country, some of the examples are here English speaking doctors and foreign & international hospitals in China

  • Most of expatriates in China prefer to get health insurance through an international provider such as Bupa, Allianz, AXA, Aetna, NOW Health, MSH, ICBC, CIGNA. We work with companies who pay claims quickly and efficiently and provide good service to tour clients. On the top of international providers there is a lot of local solutions too from companies such as PICC, PingAn, Taiping and ZhongAn, although those are of a less popularity among foreigners in China. 

  • Once we have secured a package for you we will provide you with all of the contacts you need for emergencies, claims and services. You will be invited to a WeChat group that will have your account manager and admin support in case you need quick access to your policy details or cards. You can use this group if you have a question about your cover of which clinics and hospitals you can visit.

  • While most of hospitals in China are government run, major cities experience huge increase in the number of private and international facilities being open. In those foreigners typically can find English speaking doctors without any problems. Examples of major international hospitals in China will be United Family Health, Oasis International Hospital, Jiahui Health and Raffles Medical.

  • Since 2005 there has been an increasing amount of foreign insurance companies entering China. This includes major providers such as Cigna, Aetna, Allianz and Bupa as well as a lot lower tier companies such as Now Health, MSH, GBG, William Russell, Integra Global, AIG, and Generali. Most of private international companies prefer to form a joint venture with local insurance company or in some cases with a bank that helps them with license and distribution. Examples are ICBC AXA, Cigna CMB, GBG Taiping. 

    There is currently around 30 privately owned local insurance providers. Some of the major players are PingAn Health, ZhongAn, PICC and TianPing.

  • Foreigners in China can buy either global or China only health insurance plan from either international or local insurance provider as long as they meet requirements for enrollment. At present there is around 280+ options that expats can purchase for their medical protection, although in our experience 79% of them tend to buy a plan from one of the following: Allianz, Bupa, AXA, Aetna or MSH.

  • The average costs of a life threatening situation in a private hospital in China will exceed RMB 900,000 or ~ USD 140,000, where per night stay costs for room fee only vary somewhere between RMB 3,500 and RMB 5,000. Most expensive bills related to those are associated with ICU fees and treatments in coma where costs are on average around RMB 15,000 per night not including drugs, doctor and nurse fees. 

    Cancer treatments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy typically costs RMB 300,000 – RMB 500,000 per year.

    Stroke or heart attached in a top rated heart hospital in Beijing or Shanghai will not leave much change from RMB 200,000 per case.

    Average outpatient bills for a regular family doctor visit will be somewhere between RMB 600 and RMB 1,200. Visiting a specialist will be more towards a RMB 800-2,000 mark. Consultation on physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well as chiropractor in an international clinic will present you a bill in RMB 800-RMB3,500 range. Mental health and other related care with internationally licensed psychologists will be towards RMB 2,200-4,000 mark. For more information see our article regarding how much does it cost to see a doctor in China.

  • Average costs for a 35 years old person looking to get a major medical plan only (inpatient only) as of 2021 is RMB 11,978 per annum. Adding outpatient benefits (clinic doctor visits, prescriptions and therapies) will increase the premium to RMB 22,210. Premium range in China is devastating, you can get a China expat health insurance plan with low limits for less than RMB 2,000 while more premium insurance companies like Bupa can easily charge you over RMB 100,000. For more information on average costs of health insurance for expatriates in China please see here article on costs of health insurance for expats in China

    Lower premium always refers to less coverage, in many cases copayments from your side as well as big exclusion lists, which is things insurance company wont be covering. There are other factors that determine the costs too such as your age, pre existing medical conditions, access to foreign and international doctors throughout the country, deductibles if any, and in rare occasions city where you live in China.