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David Shield Health Insurance

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David Shield Health Insurance in China

Founded in late 1990s David Shield has offices across Europe and Oceania. David Shield provides a unique one stop solution where members don’t have to deal with paying out of pocket. Or submitting claims for reimbursement. All of this is available with David Card (sometimes referred to as Passportcard). Members shall notify insurance company prior getting outpatient treatment and David Shield will fund the card with the right amount (available only outside of US). It is basically a MasterCard that will be funded with the money for you to pay at the medical facility. Obviously, once the pre authorization is completed.

David Shield has a team of dedicated medical professionals should their clients decide to go for a second medical opinion. Alternatively, in case they simply wish to talk to them first before scheduling appointment at any medical institution.

  • maximum duration for claim reimbursement – 5 days. Once they receive all the supporting documents
  • in case there is any violation of service agreement, David Shield will pay out $25 to its clients once the internal investigation is completed
  • one of the few companies that has toll free Skype hotline

David Shield is by far the most popular insurance solution among the global Jewish community. Plans vary a lot in its benefits but only options available for cover area is either Worldwide or Worldwide excluding US. Davidcard or Passport card is also known as a real time insurance solution. It pays out medical expenses without any need for claiming them back.

Davidshield Health Insurance Plans Overview

Below is summary of what David Shield and Passport Card health insurance plans look like for clients.