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David Shield Health Insurance

David Shield Health Insurance 150 150 China Access Team

David Shield Health Insurance in China

Founded in late 1990s with offices across Europe and Oceania, David Shield provides a unique one stop solution where members don’t have to deal with paying out of pocket or submitting claims for reimbursement. All of this is available with David Card (sometimes referred to as Passportcard) where members shall notify insurance company prior getting outpatient treatment and David Shield will fund the card with the right amount (available only outside of US). It is basically a MasterCard that will be funded with the money for you to pay at the medical facility once the pre authorization is completed.

David Shield has a team of dedicated medical professionals should their clients decide to go for a second medical opinion or in case they simply wish to talk to them first before scheduling appointment at any medical institution.

  • maximum duration for claim reimbursement – 5 days. Once they receive all the supporting documents
  • in case there is any violation of service agreement, David Shield will pay out $25 to its clients once the internal investigation is completed
  • one of the few companies that has toll free Skype hotline

David Shield is by far the most popular insurance solution among the global Jewish community. Plans vary a lot in its benefits but only options available for cover area is either Worldwide or Worldwide excluding US. Davidcard or Passport card is also known as a real time insurance solution which pays out medical expenses without any need for claiming them back.

Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna Health Insurance 150 150 China Access Team

Cigna Health Insurance in China

In China Cigna promotes plans under 2 different entities: Cigna Global whose plans are out of Europe with servicing from UAE and Cigna CMB. Last one is being a local entity that is in joint venture with China Merchants Bank and that was designed explicitly to service China residents.

Cigna CMB is one of the largest players on health insurance market in China when it comes to large corporate accounts such as international schools and MNCs. Particularly because of years of outstanding services both within and outside of China. Some of the most noticeable remarks of Cigna are:

  • outstanding direct billing both in and outside of the country
  • one of the highest dental limits of the market, there is an add-on that has RMB 30k limit for your dental visits
  • relatively good price increase each year of around 5% during the past 8 years (excluding age band increases)


  • individual plans are by far less attractive compared to another regular International insurance provider in China
  • price could be more competitive for the benefits they offer in comparison to other major players like Allianz or Aetna

Source: Cigna China Website at , Cigna Corporate plans overview

Bupa Health Insurance in China

Bupa Health Insurance in China 150 150 China Access Team

Bupa International Health Insurance in China

Same as most other international insurance providers in China, Bupa partnered with one of the local players Alltrust (AIC), most of which servicing is done out of Beijing where the entity is headquartered. While traveling overseas or in case any international assistance is needed members will be contacting Bupa Global team which is available worldwide 24/7. For US they have partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield that helps them servicing clients in States.

If you take average premium ratio over the entire client portfolio in the country, Bupa is #1. Their members pay the most for their health insurance. Bupa is one of the oldest and major insurance powerhouses in the world. Yet they are not as big as Allianz considering sales volumes but have a higher retention & renewal rate on their policies.

Bupa plans can be portable to pretty much any country except US. High price comes with high benefits, take for example Elite plan which is currently the option that gets you highest benefits on maternity. Dental and vaccination limits are also one of the highest on the market.

  • Global experience with local strengths – With a health plan from Alltrust, Bupa Global and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global, you benefit from the combined strength
  • Access to medical providers worldwide – You’ll have access to over 1.2 million medical providers worldwide
  • Convenient claiming process – At many hospitals and clinics we can settle bills directly
  • 24/7 Support – Our experienced advisers are based in China, speak Mandarin and English and are available 24 hours day, 365 days a year.

Overview of Bupa China plans looks as follows:

Source: Bupa China Website

A+ International Insurance

A+ International Insurance 150 150 China Access Team

A Plus / A+ International Health Insurance in China

Currently A Plus International is able to supply private medical insurance to both individual and corporate clients. Headquartered in Hong Kong, since 2008 they have offered medical health plans around the world with a network of over 10000 doctors, hospitals and clinics under their direct billing list in more than 130 countries.

They have one of the longest grace periods for submitting claims, up to 2 years from the day of treatment whereas industry average is more or less around 6 months up to a year.

Although their global plans are in line with the market price for similar benefits form other providers, they do have quite interested tailored solutions covering South East Asia only, available for residents of that region excluding Singapore. Details below:

A Plus Health Insurance in ChinaKey partners they rely on when servicing and underwriting their plans are AXA and MAI (Medical Administrators International), last one being the third party agent responsible for claims and direct billing under the plan. A+ is one of the very few companies that covers Traditional Chinese Medicines in full up to the limits of the plan. Most their plans don’t have limit on outpatient care which is what same clients prefer about them,

Source: A Plus International website

AXA TianPing Health Insurance

AXA TianPing Health Insurance 150 150 China Access Team

AXA TianPing Health Insurance in China

It is the biggest AXA entity in terms of sales volume of health insurance products in China, followed by ICBC AXA and AXA PPP. This is a merger between AXA itself and one of the largest motor vehicle insurance providers in China – Tianping.

Currently AXA TP is one of the largest foreign insurance providers on SME and Property&Casualty plans. AXA Tianping P&C Insurance also provides corporate property insurance, family property insurance, and health insurance.

AXA in China has a very wide range of health insurance options available, starting from Child only plan and all the way to a more luxury solution named Prestige which is one of the best known plans on the market to cover pre existing medical conditions. Below is overview of what their high end medical insurance plans look like for individual and family buyer.

AXA TP Health Insurance


One of the largest direct billing list in the country

Portable to most EU and Asian countries should you decide to leave China

Child only plan


Pricing could be more attractive

Dental benefits have a sub-limit of RMB 500-800 for cleaning which is not enough for most private institutions

Source: AXA China website and Bloomberg

AXA PPP Health Insurance

AXA PPP Health Insurance 150 150 China Access Team

AXA PPP Health Insurance

Founder: AXA Health
Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Kent, United Kingdom
Parent organization: AXA Health

AXA has a number of subsidiaries dealing with individual and corporate insurance plans. The Axa Group operates primarily in Western Europe, North America, the India Pacific region and the Middle East, with a presence also in Africa. Axa is a conglomerate of independently-run businesses, operated according to the laws and regulations of many countries. In China legal entities that are recognized by local authorities are ICBC AXA and AXA TianPing.

If you have an existing AXA PPP policy all of it’s servicing is done out of UK without hotline in China. AXA Group headquarters is however located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Group itself is engaged in more operations than just selling private medical insurance. Range of solutions they offer are covering as little as insurance for rented apartment and all the way investment solutions in most of the EU countries.

Source: AXA Health at and AXA Group at

AIG Health Insurance in China

AIG Health Insurance in China 150 150 China Access Team

AIG Health Insurance in China

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) , founded in 1919, today AIG member companies provide a wide range of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, and other financial services to customers in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions.

Currently in China they only sell group (corporate) medical plans, meaning individual and families can’t buy them on their own but only as part of an employer benefits scheme.

AIG Insurance Company China Limited (AIG China), a subsidiary of American International Group (AIG), is a licensed insurance company in China, with branches operating in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong Province – Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces.

AIG Consumer Insurance is a unique franchise that brings together a broad portfolio of accident and health management, travel and property casualty products offered through a wide distribution network.

Source: AIG China website

AIA Health Insurance

AIA Health Insurance 150 150 China Access Team

AIA Health Insurance in China

AIA is one of the largest independent publicly listed Asian life insurance group, currently present in 18 Asian markets.

AIA China provides a full line of life, accident and medical insurance products to customers through a multi-channel distribution system. Their comprehensive range of employee benefits of group insurance products and services include group life and accident, group medical and voluntary solutions.

While expats can purchase health insurance from, it is not yet available in all the provinces.

China Unique selling points

  • AIA wellness app, chronic disease management, green channel and telemedicine
  • Bilingual WeChat and e-service platform. Self-service anytime and anywhere
  • AIA online e-benefits portal. Includes claim forms, claim history review, network provider search, benefit summary, member guides
  • Dedicated 24/7 service hotline. Convenient access to customer services in both Chinese and English

Source: AIA website