Regency for Expats Insurance

Regency for Expats Insurance

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Regency for Expats Insurance in China

Regency for Expats is a relatively new insurance provider out of Caribbean Islands. They have their own parent company as a reinsurers and issue all the policies out of Central American, typically area of cover is Worldwide except US but they do have global plans too if needed. Expats and foreigners tend to buy insurance to cover without US as it is more cost effective.

As they did not manage to obtain license to sell their health insurance plans in China, you will have to purchase it out of their HQ which is in Saint Kitts islands. Only 4 plans available without much possibility to adjust the benefits. On the other hand, plans are quite rich in core and cover certain things which you won’t find from other companies such as expenses related to acts of terrorism, or even kidnapping should you face such a situation.

Regency for Expats doesn’t support any direct billing services for outpatient care which means any doctor visits under the plans are on a pay and claim basis. Enrollment on the plans is relatively easy as they don’t ask any past medical history to be disclosed. That means all claims will be investigated and reconfirmed with treating doctors whether first day of symptoms for your visit happened while the plan was active or prior to it. Claim reimbursement will depend on this. Below is a summary of their insurance plans.