AXA TianPing China Expat Health Insurance

AXA TianPing China Expat Health Insurance

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AXA TianPing Health Insurance in China

It is the biggest AXA entity in terms of sales volume of health insurance products in China, followed by ICBC AXA and AXA PPP. This is a merger between AXA itself and one of the largest motor vehicle insurance providers in China – Tianping. Foreigners and expats in China can purchase health insurance plan from either of those entities. Each is serviced separately and have good relationship and services with most major international hospitals in China.

Currently AXA TP is one of the largest foreign insurance providers on SME and Property&Casualty plans. AXA Tianping P&C Insurance also provides corporate property insurance, family property insurance, and health insurance.

AXA Tianping Health Insurance Department in China has a very wide range of health insurance options available, starting from Child only plan and all the way to a more luxury solution named Prestige which is one of the best known plans on the market to cover pre existing medical conditions. Below is overview of what their high end medical insurance plans look like for expats looking to purchase China expat health insurance. Below is executive summary of what AXA Tianping health insurance plans look like in China for expatriates and foreigners.

AXA TP Health Insurance


One of the largest direct billing list in the country

Portable to most EU and Asian countries should you decide to leave China

Child only plan


Pricing could be more attractive

Dental benefits have a sub-limit of RMB 500-800 for cleaning which is not enough for most private institutions

Source: AXA China website and Bloomberg