Expatriate Healthcare in Hangzhou

Expatriate Healthcare in Hangzhou

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Hangzhou – Expatriate Healthcare

Hangzhou, conveniently located within 2 hours train ride from both Nanjing and Shanghai. It is one of the major hubs in the country for high tech companies. All because of lucrative policies cherishing SME and MNCs that decide to move headquarters there. Home to more than a dozen of high tech giants, Hangzhou becomes more So where to get good expatriate healthcare in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou is capital of Zhejiang province. It is in between Jiangsu on the north, Shanghai on the east, Fujian on the south and Anhui on the west. You will come across several major international schools in the city. Additionally, a good number of bilingual schools and kindergartens. Most of the expats in Hangzhou are employed either in education sector or in high tech. Third largest sphere for foreigners in there is cross border trading.

Hangzhou Expat Health Insurance

Below is the list of some of the most popular medical facilities with English speaking doctors in Hangzhou. Foreigners and expatriates can get very good quality care in Hangzhou in those. If you have good expat health insurance in China already, you will most likely enjoy direct billing in those. Meaning, most of outpatient care can be done cashless. In that case, medical facility will settle the bill directly with you insurance provider. Keep in mind that certain things shall be pre-authorized. Such as major scans or inpatient stays. It is always a good idea to clarify such with the medical facility you are heading to in advance.

Hangzhou Amcare Hospital 杭州艾玛妇产医院

Hangzhou Aima Maternity Hospital 杭州艾玛妇产医院

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital 浙江大学医学院附属邵逸夫医院

Hangzhou Sino United Health Clinic 杭州曜影门诊部有限公司

How to receive a treatment in hospital in Hangzhou

Most of the time you can enjoy direct billing or guarantee of payment for outpatient care, if your insurance provider has such services. Inpatient care or hospitalization is very different. In many public hospitals they will require you pay deposit upfront before you can access any long term care.

Hospital will return you deposit once they received payment from insurance company. Keep in mind, pre-authorization for planned surgeries on average takes 3 working days. We always recommend clients to apply for such at least 5 days in advance. Simply because insurance company has to verify treatment plan and costs estimations together with a hospital. In emergency situations, it is quite common that guarantee of payment (GOP) will be issued within 24 hours. All depends how experienced the nurse at a clinic is when dealing with insurance companies.

If you are already in Hangzhou and looking for health insurance to give you great services and access to expatriate level of medical care – get in touch so we can help.

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