Travel Insurance in China

Travel Insurance in China

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Travel Insurance in China.

If you are looking for a reliable travel insurance in China, this article will guide your through the options available. Get in touch with our experts so we can help you explore even more options. Below list, however, is some of the most popular solutions based on our clients’ experience.

Is travel insurance mandatory for China?

There is no such requirement to have valid travel insurance before arriving to China. Ultimately, travel insurance is designed to cover medical expenses when one is traveling outside of the country of residency. Which is why most expats prefer to get it prior to traveling. Keep in mind, many comprehensive travel insurance plans in China will include extra benefits as well. For instance, loss of luggage compensation, loss of credit/debit card, or even flight delays. So on the top of the basic medical cover, you will be getting such extra level of protection.

Another important aspect of travel insurance is evacuation and repatriation benefits. Many places, for example EU or Schengen area, even have a visa requirement in terms of the below:

  1. minimum level of cover on medical side
  2. evacuation and repatriation benefits

With those in mind, keep reading and you will find some of the most popular solutions if you plan to travel outside of China for short trips.

Who can buy travel insurance?

Generally speaking, requirements are similar among all companies. Some of them are: maximum enrollment age of 79. Additionally, plans shall be purchased before you left your country of residency. This in particular is important, many companies will not let you purchase a plan if you are on a trip already.

Allianz International Travel Insurance China

We all know Allianz. They are one of the largest insurance conglomerates in the world. On top of regular health insurance, you can purchase a standard travel insurance from them. They have 7 different plans available. Some explicitly designed for people traveling to Europe. Needless to say, they meet all Schengen requirements in that case. Plan has to be purchased prior your travels.

Allianz travel insurance in China has plans with as little cover as RMB 100,000. Their top end plan will cover you for almost RMB 1mil. Same as most other insurance plans, higher premium refers to higher benefits in the policy. Below is policy structure for your reference on Allianz travel plans.

Allianz China Travel Insurance

Starr Insurance

Another very popular travel insurance for those going out of China is from Starr. Below is also QR code that can let you purchase it all online. Similarly to Allianz, they have 6 plans available. As little cover as RMB 100k under the first one. And around RMB 1mil for the high-end option. Price-wise Starr is very similar to Allianz and is around RMB 60 per week of travel under most cost effective plan. On the other hand, highest limits plan will be more around RMB 250 mark per week of travel.

Starr Travel InsuranceBuy travel insurance in China

If you are looking for experts to guide you through health insurance in China, get in touch.

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