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Travel Insurance in China 150 150 China Access Team

Travel Insurance in China

Travel Insurance in China. If you are looking for a reliable travel insurance in China, this article will guide your through the options available. Get in touch with our experts so we can help you explore even more options. Below list, however, is some of the most popular solutions based on our clients’ experience. Is…

Dental Insurance in China 150 150 China Access Team

Dental Insurance in China

Dental Insurance in China This article will guide you through dental health insurance options in China. We will cover not only dental raiders as part of regular insurance policies, but also dental insurance plans that you can purchase separately. Keep on reading to learn more! Who needs dental insurance? First of all, why would you…

Expatriate Healthcare in Hangzhou 150 150 China Access Team

Expatriate Healthcare in Hangzhou

Hangzhou – Expatriate Healthcare Hangzhou, conveniently located within 2 hours train ride from both Nanjing and Shanghai. It is one of the major hubs in the country for high tech companies. All because of lucrative policies cherishing SME and MNCs that decide to move headquarters there. Home to more than a dozen of high tech…

Second Medical Opinion in China 150 150 China Access Team

Second Medical Opinion in China

What is Second Medical Opinion? If you ever feel uncertain about your medical condition, or feel you have been misdiagnosed – this is when you need to use Second Medical Opinion services. This is a very popular option many expatriates in China prefer to use. In particular, due to need for having a better understanding…

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