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Morgan Price Health Insurance

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Morgan Price insurance for expats in China

Morgan Price plans currently can only be purchased out of UK. They haven’t passed yet license requirements to freely sell their plans in China Mainland to its residents. In other words, there is no legal way to purchase their plan here but only from abroad. This leads to having quite a big gap on service issues such as lack on direct billing and no service team to help you locally. In this article we will cover major pros and cons of Morgan Price health insurance.

Despite those disadvantages, they have been supplying global expatriate insurance market with medical plans almost in all countries worldwide. For instance, 24/7 English speaking hotline and ability to settle bills with major hospitals in certain countries. This is a big advantage for foreigners looking at their plans and expecting good cashless services. Below is a summary of what insurance plans Morgan Price currently offers, all can be administered in either of the 3 currencies you prefer to choose.

Morgan Price Health Insurance Overview

Morgan Price Insurance Plans

Morgan Price is quite well known worldwide for selling student insurance. Moreover, this applies to both European countries and Americas. Flexibility on enrollment means that even members below the age of 18 can purchase a plan. To summarize, there is no requirement for any of the parents to be enrolled on such plan. Their insurance policies are available in several currencies. So there is no particular requirement to stick to the one your bank doesn’t support. Needless to say, both credit card and bank transfer payment options are available for all their plans.

If you are an expatiate in China looking for health and medical insurance for you and your family, please get in touch. One of our bilingual consultants will give you general suggestions on what might suit you best.

Source: Morgan Price Website

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