MSH Health Insurance in China

    • MSH China Health Insurance Department 24 hour helpline toll free: 400 6130330
    • 24 hour helpline outside of Mainland China: +86 021 6187 0330
    • Email:
    • Claim address: 理赔资料寄送至直付理赔部5F, Building 9, Lujiazui Software Park, Lane 91, E Shan Road, Pudong, Shanghai, P.R.C 200127上海浦东峨山路91弄陆家嘴软件园9号楼北塔5层 
    • Call an ambulance: 120
    • Call the fire department: 119
    • Call the police: 110
    1. Once you receive medical treatment please ensure that hospital front desk gives you a chopped/stamped medical fapiao (can be e-fapiao), medical reports including diagnosis and list of prescribed medications
    2. If available you can submit your claim via the insurance company’s website or app from your smartphone
    3. Firstly, download a claims application form form the ‘Download Useful Documents’ section of this page and complete the form as best you can.
    4. Secondly, scan and send all documentation including the claim application form to
    5. The insurance company will then confirm that all documentation is in order and will ask you to submit the original claim documents to the insurance company if needed. Generally speaking, if it is a non-China claim scanned copies may suffice.
    6. Insurance company will email you the claim application result and will reimburse eligible claim amounts to you bank account.
  • Please apply for pre-authorization with MSH China through the medical care or service hotline 5 working days prior to the acceptance of the following treatments under your health insurance plan in China:

    1. All in-patient benefits (where you need to stay overnight in a hospital). A well as day-care treatments
    2. Outpatient surgery requiring general anesthesia as well as any cancer treatments
    3. Purchase or rental of Durable Medical Equipment (DME). For instance, including but not limited to insulin pumps and supplies
    4. Emergency Medical Evacuation
    5. Emergency Dental Treatment
    6. Medications or immunizations in excess of RMB 8,000 per refill

    Lastly, keep in mind that MSH China Insurance Department reserves the right to apply some penalty if pre authorization hasn’t been obtained. Additionally, if costs for medical care are clearly above market average.

    MSH Health Insurance Claims Rules