Allianz Health Insurance in China

    • Allianz China Health Insurance Department 24 hour helpline toll free in China: 400 8866014
    • 24 hour helpline outside of Mainland China: +86 010 85355624
    • Email:
    • Claim address: Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd., Shanghai Branch, Unit A22, 28F Shanghai World Financial Center, 100 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120 中国上海市浦东新区世纪大道100号环球金融中心28楼A22单元安联财产保险(中国)有限公司上海分公司医疗险部 邮编:200120
    • Call an ambulance: 120
    • Call the fire department: 119
    • Call the police: 110

    Allianz China has dedicated emergency hotlines for certain procedures for its health insurance clients. For instance, booking appointments and hospital representation. See below details.

    Allianz China Expert Medical Advisory

    Allianz Health Insurance in China Emergency Hotline

    1. Once you receive medical treatment please ensure that hospital front desk gives you a chopped/stamped medical fapiao (can be e-fapiao), medical reports including diagnosis and list of prescribed medications
    2. If available you can submit your claim via the insurance company’s website or app from your smartphone
    3. Firstly, download a claims application form form the ‘Download Useful Documents’ section of this page and complete the form as best you can.
    4. Secondly, scan and send all documentation including the claim application form to
    5. The insurance company will then confirm that all documentation is in order and will ask you to submit the original claim documents to the insurance company’s office. Generally, if it is a non-China claim copies only may suffice.
    6. Insurance company will email you the claim application result and will reimburse eligible claim amounts to you bank account.

    If you have Allianz health insurance plan in China you can also use Allianz MyHealth app to submit the claims online. Claim form is within the app so you can fill it out online too. If you are IoS user, you can only find the application if you are on China AppStore. Below are details:

    Allianz China Health Insurance

  • Please apply for pre-authorization with insurance company through the medical care or service hotline 48 hours prior to the acceptance of the following treatments or services:

    1. All in-patient benefits (where you need to stay overnight in a hospital) as well as day-care treatments
    2. Any expenses related to evacuation as well as repatriation
    3. Kidney dialysis&other sorts of long term care
    4. Advanced imaging, such as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and CT-PET scans
    5. Nursing at home or in a convalescent home2
    6. Occupational therapy (only out-patient treatment requires pre-authorisation)
    7. Oncology (only in-patient or day-care treatment requires pre-authorisation)
    8. Out-patient surgeries
    9. Palliative care
    10. Rehabilitation treatment
    11. Routine maternity complications of pregnancy and childbirth (only in-patient treatment requires pre-authorisation)