AIA Health Insurance

AIA Health Insurance

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AIA Health Insurance in China

AIA is one of the largest independent publicly listed Asian life insurance group, currently present in 18 Asian markets. AIA health insurance in China is popular among foreigners due to below reasons.

AIA China provides a full line of life, accident and medical insurance products to customers through a multi-channel distribution system. Their comprehensive range of employee benefits of group insurance products and services include group life and accident, group medical and voluntary solutions. They have outstanding relationships with most private and international hospitals in major cities across China.

While expats can purchase health insurance online, it is not yet available in all the provinces.

AIA Health Insurance Plans Overview

Unique selling points for China expat health insurance from AIA:

  • AIA wellness app, chronic disease management, green channel and telemedicine
  • Bilingual WeChat and e-service platform. Self-service anytime and anywhere
  • AIA online e-benefits portal. Includes claim forms, claim history review, network provider search, benefit summary, member guides
  • Dedicated 24/7 service hotline. Convenient access to customer services in both Chinese and English

Source: AIA website

Generally speaking, plans are rich in benefits but lack certain service point. In particular, direct billing, as well as speed for claims turnaround. While, direct billing is available in major cities, you will be surprised to not find in Tier 2-3 places. Despite being one of the biggest insurance companies in Asia, their China Mainland website is only available in Mandarin.

Here is overview of some of the long term plans they have. Available for up to 20 years.

AIA China Health Insurance

Keep in mind, in most cases renewal terms is subject to claims data. This in particular applies to all individual and family plans.

If you are looking to compare online health insurance in China, get in touch with us so we can help you within 24 hours.